This is a complete remake of my original Not-A-Vania project.


When I first discovered GDevelop, I spent about 15 hours making my first game test, which ended up being Not-A-Vania. Now that a year or two has passed, I wanted to rebuild this project using all of the new methods I've learned over that time. My goal was to ensure that the project files were fully documented, and could help other GDevelop users learn some of these more advanced concepts once they've learned the basics.


  • Move: D-Pad on gamepads, A or D keys on the keyboard
  • Jump:  Cross or A on gamepads, J key on keyboard
  • Attack: Square or X on gamepads, K key on keyboard
  • Dash: Circle or B on gamepads, O key on keyboard

You can also enable some debug visuals to see some of the more backend objects:

  • Numpad + key: Show all debug objects
  • Numpad - key: Hide all debug objects
  • Numpad * key: Show all visible object hitboxes and points.
  • Numpad / key: Hide all visible object hitboxes and points.

Additional detail: 

This project is meant as a game example or template for a more advanced platformer. This is in the style of older castlevania entries, such as Castlevania 1 or 3.

There are numerous advanced GDevelop concepts in this project, such as finite state machines (FSMs), tweens, bitmap fonts and bitmap text objects, tilemaps, external event sheets, declaring variables via events, and object variables. 

Before working with this project, it is STRONGLY recommended that you review the following:

At least the first four tutorials on the GDevelop Wiki: This example uses concepts from EACH of those tutorials and it is important to understand those concepts before trying to adapt these ideas.

The finite state machine tutorial at:

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What license bro...Can i use it for commercial use?

The assets all have their own licenses. You'll need to review the credits and details included in the template. I believe all of them are some form of creative commons but require visble attribution.

The event logic I created is MIT licensed, you're welcome to use it for whatever you like.

How would I add a jump attack?

The most guidance I can give is that you'd probably need to create a new state for the jump attack, and ensure you add a transition to the existing jump state for that.

I have a side-scrolling shooter on the go at the minute. It has intermediate techniques in there.

I intend to apply every advanced technique I can think of to juice it up, and I will post it on here.

I love what you have done there with the external events, especially the stamina management and the variation of enemies.

You are my new deity.

Thank you so so so much. I am just moving into advanced territory and you have helped me LOADS.

This is what it's about: helping each other.

When I finish an advanced project, in a different genre, I will post it on here.

Thank you! Also, wow the background and graphics are so amazing. I am a huge early Castlevania fan, so this hit the spot ha. Time to take a look at the coding etc.

Glad you liked it! Make sure to check out the credits screen to see the awesome people responsible for the art. They're all here on

I like it

Awesome work as always. Keep going until this example slowly transforms into a very cool game.

Thanks! My actual metroidvania I'm working on is what inspired this, as it's using all of the methods I use in that game proper.

I'm going to take a look at your top down shooter template sometime this next week to see if I can help with those tweaks being asked, too. :D