Some quick updates

The project had some feedback on the main GDevelop examples github, so I've made the following changes from those requests:

  • Sped up the attack animation a few frames (per 4ian)
  • Added some additional objects/way to "hide" the death pits to the FSM so it doesn't seem like you're falling forever (per Bouh)
  • Left analytics enabled, although I added some information to the title screen to explain about what it is used for and how to disable it (per Bouh)
  • Disabled the grid on the title screen (per Arthuro555)
  • Added .example to the project name in properties (per Arthuro)
  • Reorganized many of the events both in the camera and boss states, as well as the debug event sheet (per Arthuro)
  • Removed excess platform objects by stretching the existing ones to fill the gaps (per Arthuro)
  • Fixed the events so that if the player returns to the title screen (from death or beating the example), it resets the Checkpoint and lives. Also fixed the checkpoint to be part of the gamestate global variables, which was the original point of them. (per Arthuro)
  • Added an icon and thumbnail set. (Per Midhil457)


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