Submission for Tasting Room Jam Halloween 2019 - By Mejonat, Silver-Streak, SuperArjunaButt, and theblankist

Note: The ability to summon your children is limited. You can gain more uses by finding onions.


  • Keyboard:
    • W, G, Up Arrow, Space - Jump
    • A, Left Arrow - Move left
    • D, Right Arrow - Move right
    • T -  Place child
    • S - Summon Children
  • GamePad:
    • Up on Dpad,  X (PS4), A (Xbox) - Jump
    • Left on left stick, Left Dpad - Move Left
    • Right on left stick, Right Dpad - Move Right
    • Square (PS4), X (Xbox) - Place child
    • Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox) - Summon Children


  • Art:
    • Arjuna Gonzales (@SuperArjunaButt)
    • theblankist
  • Game Engine Work: 
    • Silver-Streak 
    • (
  • Level Design:
    • Mejonat 
    • (@_mejonat)
  • Music:
    • Mejonat 
    • (@_mejonat)
  • Special Thanks:
    • HentaiPHD, Squires, and everyone involved in the Tasting Room Jam

Made with GDevelop, check it out at Feel free to download the project files and take a look at how this was put together. 


Hip Hobster GDevelop Project Files 4 MB

Install instructions

The HTML version should run in any modern browser.

While much larger, you can download and unzip the Windows version into any directory, then run the EXE. 

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