Submission for Tasting Room Jam Halloween 2019 - By Mejonat, Silver-Streak, SuperArjunaButt, and theblankist

Note: The ability to summon your children is limited. You can gain more uses by finding onions.


  • Keyboard:
    • W, G, Up Arrow, Space - Jump
    • A, Left Arrow - Move left
    • D, Right Arrow - Move right
    • T -  Place child
    • S - Summon Children
  • GamePad:
    • Up on Dpad,  X (PS4), A (Xbox) - Jump
    • Left on left stick, Left Dpad - Move Left
    • Right on left stick, Right Dpad - Move Right
    • Square (PS4), X (Xbox) - Place child
    • Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox) - Summon Children


  • Art:
    • Arjuna Gonzales (@SuperArjunaButt)
    • theblankist
  • Game Engine Work: 
    • Silver-Streak 
    • (
  • Level Design:
    • Mejonat 
    • (@_mejonat)
  • Music:
    • Mejonat 
    • (@_mejonat)
  • Special Thanks:
    • HentaiPHD, Squires, and everyone involved in the Tasting Room Jam

Made with GDevelop, check it out at Feel free to download the project files and take a look at how this was put together. 

Install instructions

The HTML version should run in any modern browser.

While much larger, you can download and unzip the Windows version into any directory, then run the EXE. 


Hip Hobster GDevelop Project Files 4 MB

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