Controls are arrow keys and Space to jump.

An example of a Metroidvania-style map using GDevelop 5. The events are set up dynamically so you can add a (theoretically) infinite number of MapRoom instances and not have to manually track or modify variables.

The goal is to let you place "Map Room" objects as much as you want. The MapRoom's will have 3 states:

  1. Unexplored. (Grey in the example, but would normally just be transparent/invisible)
  2. Explored. (Blue in the example)
  3. Current Room. (Yellow in the example)

The room state should update as the hero moves around the real game rooms, but in this example I've placed a visible position indicator and orange platforms around it.

Note: I've discovered that GD5 does not currently support Viewports/Canvas/Resizing cameras. This example currently uses a ton of per-object-per-frame events which may be a performance hog.


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